Just after she checks one to not one person otherwise is approximately, Tsukasa begins to see the woman shower

She closes out-of because of the informing her to visit home and you can share with its huge-cousin that the woman is today partnered

In the near future, another lady appears about shower with her; she brings up by herself to help you their while the eldest girl of the bathhouse. She apologizes to own enjoying Tsukasa while she is actually bathing and you may requires in the event the she would for example their back cleaned and work out right up for they. Shortly after certain salesmanship, she takes the girl abreast of her give. This lady reviews exactly how gorgeous Tsukasa’s skin, comparing it in order to cotton however,, upcoming alternatively chooses to evaluate it to help you a new iphone x to have reasons not familiar to Tsukasa. This lady then gets their identity because Arisugawa Aya and you may Tsukasa introduces herself because the Yuzaki Tsukasa, with Aya incase she’s Nasa’s little cousin.

Tsukasa notes exactly how that all sounded eg a proposal, that he answers it was in advance of kissing the lady and you will swearing to give his eternal love

Shortly after its bath, Tsukasa and you can Aya to fulfill Nasa. Tsukasa try advised exactly how Nasa aided contain the Arisugawa members of the family and its business once they decrease towards the hard times. She seems upset with hearing exactly how grateful Aya will be to Nasa however,, the guy does not observe it. The pair of them get-off the latest bathhouse and return house. Tsukasa claims just how pretty Aya is apparently which have Nasa entirely agreeing with her and never realizing his terrible variety of terminology. Since the she discusses a chapel matrimony, Nasa asks if this woman is concerned about one to question (zero service otherwise bands) but, she assumes on he could be talking about Aya and you can totally comes with the completely wrong suggestion. Tsukasa states you to definitely she wishes him to declare that she’s cute also but the guy however misunderstands. Immediately after certain forward and backward the guy find that he can not state it nowadays and happens out over consider anything, advising the woman to return house and you can expect your.

Tsukasa appear straight back on flat for her individual and begins to wait to have Nasa to return. She decides to clean the area however,, unfortuitously, discovers it is clean and you will she does not want to help you exposure viewing what kind of “secret” some thing he may enjoys hidden aside. In the future the doorbell groups and Tsukasa, who takes on it is Nasa goes to address, just to getting welcomed of the a young woman entitled Chitose. She identifies Tsukasa because the the girl “sister” and states how put she actually is residing in doesn’t match the woman. Prior to she can find yourself Tsukasa closes the door within her face and ignores the girl. Chitose pleads on her to open the door just like the she arrived to obtain this lady the help of its huge-sis getting worried. Tsukasa looks like you to Chitose have to have pressed their huge-sibling to give up the lady venue and you may went out-of without permission. Chitose is completely astonished by this however,, Tsukasa ignores her outbursts and you can informs this lady to go out of.

Later on, Tsukasa strategies aside immediately following reading you to Nasa has returned and you can observes your that have Chitose. Seeing the two of them casually speaking with one another and you will just how Tsukasa called Nasa “dear”, Chitose gets really upset and you will knows that Nasa is Tsukasa’s husband. Tsukasa informs Nasa who Chitose Kaginoji try; a female who was consumed from the their nearest and dearest. Nasa casually brings up themselves so you can the woman and you will initiate a conversation despite Chitose’s protests. She claims one to she’s going to maybe not deal with him since Tsukasa’s partner in-marriage. Truth be told he shows a beneficial communication skills by claiming she’s maybe not wrong to possess thinking that, because of exactly how abrupt all of it is actually. The guy implies that each goes and also a good chat about they but, Tsukasa informs him you to Chitose can’t ever believe that. More hints Proving the lady proper, Chitose phone calls a good limo and continues so you can kidnap Nasa.

Tsukasa is able to reach Chitose’s residence and you can finds out Nasa within the one of the woman room having an enthusiastic indecent appearing picture of your plus one off Chitose’s maids. She requires it, remarking about how exactly “nice” it looks, far to Nasa’s shock. Chitose says to the lady to get a divorce due to just how awful Nasa are. She appears to invest in that it advising your to follow this lady for them to chat they over. After they hop out the space Tsukasa suggests that she was just pretending so they really you will definitely refrain hence she understood the image try modified. She as well as claims that if she to be real angry with him some thing might possibly be much worse. After they pay attention to Chitose calling after her or him they make the vacation. It soon find themselves in a vintage church at the top of a mountain, with Tsukasa stating that it absolutely was waiting given that a getaway route. She plus tells Nasa one she wanted to reveal they so you can him because it is a rather wonderful place. Nasa upcoming actually starts to tell the lady one to; in the event that some thing good goes wrong with him she will function as the earliest so you can understand, in the event the something crappy happens to the woman he’ll hold the burden with their, they are going to show what you, service one another which he does not want this lady to actually regret opting for him since the the woman husband. Nasa says just how that’s the style of few the guy desires these to feel.

あなたにとってのいらないモノをゴミにすることなく、また誰かに使ってもらう。 エコランドの「エコ回収」は、「いらない」世界を変える、モノを大切する社会の実現をミッションとしています。





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