Think: Certain enchanted nights you could see a complete stranger… Hint: S

13. A lot more Borrowing: About what Beatles song come such lyrics: “Every alone some body / Where perform all of them are from? / Every alone some one / In which perform they all belong?” Hint: Golf sexist. A good. During my Existence B. Eleanor Rigby C. With a bit of Assistance from Our Family D. Cent Way

P1. Art/Culture: Produced from inside the Lynchburg, TN, perhaps about this big date from inside the 1850. His paternal grand-parents immigrated to The united states from Wales and you will Scotland. He had been raised on Ancient Baptist Chapel by the a moonshine-preparing preacher. Yes, a guy of great heart. Hint: “Dated No. 7”. Good. Jim Beam B. Jack Daniel C. Glen Fiddich D. John Offer

P2. Geography: Inside the 1978, Menachem Initiate and Anwar Sadat indication an agreement, that is seen from the Jimmy Carter on Go camping David, which is-in addition-discover in which? Hint: Reverse agronomist An excellent. Arizona DC B. Maryland C. Virginia D. Delaware

P3. History: Chateau de- Saint-Germain-en-laye, from inside the 1638, best couples seeking men hookup sites the sunlight Queen ascended to throne within the 1643, ruled [[to start with with his master minister Cardinal Mazarin) because King of France up until their demise 72 years and you will 110 months afterwards. The guy central government entities and you can resided on Versailles. And therefore Louis is actually the guy? Hint: Station of your Cross; quantity of bits Osiris was torn with the of the Seth; Bob Cousy A good. XII B. XIII C. XIV D. XV

P4. Lang: Sicily, 1568, Dominican friar, poet, philosopher, theologian, spent much of their life locked up, wracked, beaten by the Religious superiors. “The nation is the image of God.” Hint: Dodger catcher. A beneficial. Joachim out-of Fiore B. Tommaso Campanella C. Diego Zapata D. Rafael Benito Terongi

Mitzi Gaynor D

P5. Literature: Created when you look at the Budapest in 1905, knowledgeable into the Austria, he registered this new Communist Class, became disillusioned which have Stalinism; turned to generate Darkness at the Noon, a good scathing anti-totalitarian works you to definitely significantly influenced European government. Great britain gave him an excellent CBE. Hint: Moore Dudley A great. Richard Condon B. Aldous Huxley C. George Orwell D. Arthur Koestler

P6. Music: Brick City, Zanzibar, 1946, British singer, songwriter and you can music producer, most popular just like the direct performer of one’s rockband Queen. His voice got tremendous range; he authored the brand new lyrics into commonly preferred Our company is the fresh new Winners. Hint: I love the girl and you can she loves myself. Her+me’s one! A. Freddie Mercury B. Mick Jagger C. David Bowie D. Prince

P7. People: Wahoo, NE, 1902, he had been a western film manufacturer and you can facility professional, first during the Warner Brothers, after that during the 1933 he married with individuals so you’re able to fount 20 th Millennium Fox. His pictures searched social things, Gentlemen’s Arrangement, Grapes away from Wrath, Cigarette smoking Street, Just how Eco-friendly Try My Area. A great. Darryl Zanuck B. Samuel Goldwyn C. Sam Spiegel D. Louis B. Mayer Hint: Of Northern?

Stage/Screen: Produced inside the Chicago in the 1931, mother a performer, father a good violinist, trained while the ballerina first started industry because the chorus performer; best-known on her behalf jobs in There’s no Business Such as Tell you Providers and you may South Pacific, in which she played Ensign Nellie Forbush, who drops crazy about Emile [[Rossano Brazzi)

8. Potluck: Whoever real title is actually Thomas Lanier Williams? Think: Tom Wingfield. An excellent. Robin Williams B. Ted Williams C. Andy Williams D. Tennessee Williams

P9. Quotes: Pine Park, IL, 1929, stand-right up comic. step 1. It stammer got me property within the Beverly Slopes; I’m not planning to screw on it today. 2. The comics is anarchists. Hint: This new button-down notice from … A good. Don Rickles B. Robin Williams C. Rodney Dangerfield D. Bob Newhart

10. Science/Technology: How many skeleton in the human body? Hint: People in Seattle learn. A beneficial. 196 B. 206 C. 413 D. 512

あなたにとってのいらないモノをゴミにすることなく、また誰かに使ってもらう。 エコランドの「エコ回収」は、「いらない」世界を変える、モノを大切する社会の実現をミッションとしています。





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