Mai subsequently formed a partnership that have Kei Lo, since these he accessible to play the role of the lady double broker

Once launching this lady dad’s activities in order to the woman mother, the lady family unit members gone aside and you can decided to go to accept the girl Sister Mura. Consequently, she was able to stand upwards-to-time with the The newest Ozai Society’s plans. One night, Ty Lee went along to Cousin Mura’s shop. No matter if she try willing to pick this lady old pal again, Mai is actually a while furious to be hugged from the Ty Lee. The 2 ventured in order to the area teashop to capture upwards. Because they talked, Mai observed the lady friend’s unease, and you will is actually amazed whenever Ty Lee revealed that Zuko got freed Azula.

Because they was indeed waiting for a hit of the Brand new Ozai Community, Mai mused the authoritative pathway is an almost impossible address getting a break the rules violence, as it is built to feel really defendable of the Flame Lord Sozin

They then altered the niche, because the Mai informed off their previous record to the This new Ozai Neighborhood and you can Kei Lo. Appropriate, Kei Lo entered the latest teashop. Mai passionately met your, whereupon he relayed Ukano’s intend to ambush Zuko’s members of the family throughout their go back to brand new Flame Country Financing. When Kei Lo had remaining, however, Mai transformed back into their typical notice and try scolded of the Ty Lee for using your this way. This rebuke kept Mai unfazed, arguing that he had lied to the lady during their earliest conferences as well. She requested their pal in the event the she even though you to Kei Lo was informing him or her the scenario, resulting in Ty Lee to reply which he was sincere than Mai. It leftover her sometime hurt. The two subsequently informed Suki of your own New Ozai Society’s murder spot regarding Zuko.

She replied because of the faking thoughts, praising his courage and you will affirming her love for your

Ty Lee and you can Mai after that advised Suki in regards to the organized ambush, and you can prepared everything you on secure go back of Zuko with his family relations. It absolutely was chose to establish a great decoy caravan that would travelling the regular means regarding the harbor to Regal Caldera Urban area, whereas the brand new Flames Lord took a key station through the woods. Ty Lee, Mai, another Kyoshi Warrior, and you will a group of Flame Country soldiers was indeed stationed on specialized pathway up to Royal Caldera Area. Thinking they unlikely that The new Ozai Community create attack truth be told there, she figured Kei Lo had become a great liar anyway. Ty Lee rebuked this investigations, evoking the one or two loved ones so you can bicker up until the decoy caravan contacted. Merely in that second, a team of rebels assaulted, whereupon Mai, Ty Lee, and one Kyoshi Warrior hurried to aid Iroh, who was posing while the Zuko.

Mai along with her comrades with ease beaten the newest attackers, causing the woman so you’re able to ponder this particular rebel violence was much too short. She attempted to question an excellent captured The latest Ozai Neighborhood associate, but the guy would not cam. Eventually afterwards, the team noticed a disquiet flare come off from the nearby trees, signaling you to Zuko’s genuine caravan had been endangered. Mai regarded as it since evidence that Kei Lo got betrayed and you will misguide them, leaving comments that Ty Lee’s trust regarding boy’s “an excellent disposition” had shown to be misplaced. Then they rushed to aid Zuko with his household members, having fun with a hot air balloon. The group turned up simply in time, fending off of the This new Ozai Area. Due to the fact Mai watched Kei Lo, she accused him out of betrayal, but Zuko revealed that the fresh old boyfriend-insurgent had in fact aided to keep the fresh new regal family relations. In this time, alot more rebels assaulted, ultimately causing Mai to create off to get a hold of this lady father. And additionally Kei Lo, she beaten a number of rebels, whereupon she implicated her boyfriend having already been fooled of the Ukano. But not, she was still concerned to own him when a rebel put him to the a depression. Kei Lo responded that he are great, however, Mai is now kept alone together father.

あなたにとってのいらないモノをゴミにすることなく、また誰かに使ってもらう。 エコランドの「エコ回収」は、「いらない」世界を変える、モノを大切する社会の実現をミッションとしています。





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